Made To Order Shipping Takes? 

 K. Smith is a one man factory, each clothing piece is carefully hand made from the buttons down to the last stitching. That being said I greatly appreciate your patience with selected MADE TO ORDER items. The estimated shipping time on these items will take from 3 to 5 weeks depending on the amount. Once your order is completed you will receive a notification with all your shipping information.

Exchanges & Alterations

Purchases and items are non refundable and all pieces are handmade, in some cases it is understood that there is a chance you may experience minor flaws. If this is the case an edit or exchange is welcomed. Get in contact with me via the "Contact Tab" or KMJSMITH on Instagram.

Clothing Care

With pieces being hand made I recommend you follow the following steps for the best care for longs lasting clothes. Dry clean, hand wash or on delicate w/cold water & hang air dry. for the best quality.